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Thanksgiving – 22nd November 2012

Having survived the Razamataz of the election and observed the joy on some folks faces at the outcome and the despair on others, we thought things would become sane again.

It seems that at this time of year America comes to a halt. Shops close until late in the evening and everyone pauses to remember what they have to be thankful for. It feels a bit like an early Christmas as the television broadcasts endless adverts for it and there is a radio station that plays endless Christmas songs. We are told it will now really gear up for Christmas! Families travel hundreds of miles to be together and eat.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with John and Julie. Julie had taken the time to prepare a beautiful turkey dinner – so we did it in style. It has been great getting to spend more time with them. Today Julie and I are away to sample the delights of Black Friday. Apparently ALL stores reduce their goods by 50% for a day, starting at midnight!
Worse than the Next one at home – I always thought 6.00 a.m. was madness.
On line shopping begins then too, so for insomniacs who want to stay in their bed it is ideal. Feel one should embrace the moment at least once.

Anyway progress has been made on the installation of solar panels. We have driven from St Augustine to Miami to pick up two panels (they wanted double the price of the panels to ship them!) It was an interesting drive down the I95 – the roads infrastructure is something we could learn from back home. We didn’t linger long and really only saw the skyline of Miami and a brief glimpse of Fort Lauderdale but it was fun nonetheless. The frame arrived and has been assembled. It seems to fit which is always a good thing.

Managed to meet up with some friends from Grenada who are back home at the moment which was lovely. Once again as we wandered round St Augustine with them, we agreed it is a very beautiful old town where the architecture is quite stunning thanks to Mr Flagler and Mr Lightner.

The boat is looking great and we are gearing up to leave her – hopefully with the solar panels wired and working! With a bit of luck that will keep the damp air at bay as it runs the dehumidifier while we are gone.

Webbed toes are receding so it is definitely time to consider a passage plan for next season.

29th November – pre St Andrews day

We were reminded it was St Andrews day tomorrow as it is celebrated over here.
Today saw the launch of Amazing Grace. We have shared the hard with John and enjoyed his company these last couple of months and will miss him dotting in and out. We were just a tad wistful that we are not also launching but that will happen eventually. Captain John has been very busy this week on his big project – namely – installing solar panels. It is unfortunately still a work in progress and time for departure looms ever closer. However he has made a lot of progress so fingers crossed the task will be complete by the time we leave to come home!

This weekend in St Augustine there is a British Heritage and Fall Festival which involves a british nightwatch grand illumination and torchlight street parade.
There is a celtic concert tomorrow evening to kick start events. We will hopefully be able to go and enjoy the fun and celebrate St Andrews Day in style. It will be an interesting end to our time here.

This time next week we shall be feeling the frost on our extremities brrrrrr!!!
despite that it will be good to be home.