Jalan-Jalan Yacht


Have finally made it down to Georgetown on Great Exuma Island. We had a bit of a lumpy sail down as the wind was on the nose. We had to put in quite a few tacks to make headway but we got there in the end. Feels like we have gotten to the end of a journey at the moment. Georgetown is a fairly well developed town
which accommodates some where between 300 – 500 yachts each year. As a result there is quite a sailing community. Currently it is Regatta week but not the kind we are used to. There is everything from treasure hunts to softball ganes . It transpires that most events are not really sailing orientated. Actually although the event lasts just over a week, there are only two sailing events. Out of the masss of boats anchored only 24 lifted their anchors and set out for the round stocking island race on Saturday. It runed out to be a beautiful sail and we were joing by the crew of Amazing Grace. The two Johns had lots of fun tweaking and tuning. Who says a packet can’t keep up!

Anyway Elizabeth Bay has lots of different beautiful white beaches to walk and the anchorages are fairly sheltered. We have found lots of tracks to walk round at Stocking Island that lead across to the Atlantic side of the island eventually.
Due to the high winds we have been feasting our eyes on some fantastic Atlantic rollers which have turquoise under foam that is just stunning. For those who want to join the community there are all sorts of events such as yoga, water walking, island tours, volleyball, craft classes etc. The list is endless.

There isn’t a lot to report in terms of sailing as we are currently waiting for Jo to arrive. Hopefully once she gets her sea legs we shall take a few trips away to outlying islands and do a bit more exploring.

Meantime we are ferrying in and out of the harbour to pick up water from a hose, dump garbage at $2 a bag and ferry fuel in containers out to the boat. If we moor on the other side of the bay it is $12 round trip in a water taxi to Georgetown central. The pump out boat will come and pump out your septic tank which is novel. However it does keep the waters clean and the colour a healthy turquoise. So we are back to basic and life is o.k.

Visitors to the Bahamas at the moment are needing their fleeces and long trousers
as there is a big cold front going over which has involved heavy winds and torrential rain. The upside of the rain is that the boat gets a good wash down!

Hope spring has begun back home and that you are all well.