Jalan-Jalan Yacht


Afloat at last

Greetings from Trinidad.  After two weeks of extremely hard graft we are finally afloat. Albeit we are still tied up to a pontoon with work in progress  but it is so good to be out of  the yard.

We had a really good, hitch free flight from a wild windy Edinburgh. Made all the connections some ahead of time and arrived in hot sticky Port of Spain around teatime.   It was quite a big wrench to leave this year having been at home for so long. News of an impending grandchild also ties you back. However we think the family will be quite happy to have a rest from their lodgers!

Generally the work on the  boat has gone well.  Rather than labour the gory details here I shall make an entry in the technical section for anyone interested in the detail.  However suffice to say that whilst you may think heading to Trinidad from Scotland in January is fab, when you are living in a dusty yard on the hard and trying to work in blistering heat it ain’t no picnic – honest!  Saying that if the alternative was on the hard in Ardrossan I know where I would rather be!

There really hasn’t been much happening as we have been working flat out since we got here.  Have managed a couple of trips to Movietown to see the Hollywood version of Girl with Dragon Tattoo and  Warhorse. Had a couple of shark and bake nights and a pot luck supper with a random guitar player providing the entertainment.  Hopefully now we are getting through the to do list we will get a trip into downtown Port of Spain before we depart this beautiful island.

One of the great pleasures of sailing out here is meeting new people and renewing earlier acquaintances. Remembering peoples names can be a challenge but we can usually place people with a boat name and often a location as well long before we remember the names. It is such a common thing that there is no embarrassment saying you can’t remember names.

We are later back than last year so there is a different crowd around but some familiar faces. The catching up began as early as 6am in Edinburgh when we met a couple from Kirkcudbright who were also returning and there was a third couple on the Trini flight from Athlone in Ireland. In a country that uses minibuses as taxi we still ended up in 3 separate vehicles due to the number of bags we all had.

Trini has had a very wet wet season and as the yard didn’t do the usual spraying to control the mossies we were advised to take care to prevent getting Dengue Fever of which there has been a few cases. It’s a nasty virus that is quite debilitating but, fortunately, not life threatening. So far so good.

We hope to get North of the windwards this year and find some new pastures to explore.  Will keep you posted.