Jalan-Jalan Yacht

Technical in St Martin  (again!)


Alternator:   We had Wayne  in English Harbour to diagnose the problem with alternator.  He serviced the alternator and replaced brushes etc.  Said it would be fine and last for a long time yet.


2 Days later whilst motoring between bays the intermittent problem happened again.


Jolly Harbour  – one week later.  Wayne came back and talked about what else might be wrong with the alternator.  Discussion involved   load   or regulator.


Gavin on Seahawk suggested getting George  (engineer) to do a stress test on the batteries.   George diagnosed them as being under par and therefore affecting the performance of the alternator/regulator.  They are still good for motors/golf carts/ etc but not for boats!!!!!!


Solutions:    Contacted Electec in St Martin and ordered a new regulator. Model 614 as Balmar no longer make our model but this will be compatible!!!!  A week to deliver.


Arrived St Martin mid day Wed.   Checked price of  new batteries  at Budget, Electec and Island Waterworld.  The latter had the AG 31’s in stock at a breathtaking $398 each.

Problem:  Everything is closing down for a 4 day Easter break.   Needed to get organised to have everything delivered by tomorrow.


Thursday a.m.:   In through bridge to lagoon and berthed in IGY just opposite where we were last year about this time!


Hopeful of getting batteries delivered today and a guy called Maclan to come and help us to do the heavy lifting and hopefully keep us right on fitting the regulator.


Amidst these issues as we had to wait to get into the marina we had to heavily rely on the bow thruster. Result when we got below the smell of overheating something was obvious.  Turned out to be the bow thruster –  need to wait till it cools to be sure it hasn’t been fried!!!!!!!     Four letter word springs to mind – can you guess what it might be??????


April 12th – Update:


Maclan turned out to be a real star. He was recommended by the salesman in Island Waterworld where we bought the batteries.  He was prepared to come out on the holiday weekend at no extra charge.   He arrived Friday around 4, worked his socks of till after 7, by which time it was so dark he was working by torchlight!.  Issues were related to connecting the regulator. The new model has an  in built programming system so was much more complicated than the old one.  He hadn’t actually ever fitted one of these models before.  Anyway he left a tad frustrated, promising to return in the morning.  Bless him – he did. It was another 3 hours before the regulator was fitted and working to both his and Johns satifaction.  Talk about right hand, left hand and two heads being better than one!   I went to the bakery and took a walk as it was all gobblydygook to someone whose brain is just not wired that way (sometimes wonder if it is wired at all these days)


Bow thruster appeared to be o.k. and worked well during the departure although John was careful not to do long burst on it.


Anchor windlass did not sound healthy on last drop but it had just hauled 40 metres of chain in so we could re anchor.  Captain now needs to do a service on it and make sure it is all o.k.


I know it is a never ending list when you are live aboards but it would be lovely to get a few weeks without something hiccupping!